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Serving deli favorites in the Upper East Side.


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Top Reviewer
I order from here weekly and theyre fantastic. Delivery is always fast and accurate. Once or twice I got a regular soda when I asked for diet, but thats not really a big deal to me. Food is great and they have a crazy selection of any and everything you may need.


Top Reviewer
This place is great - delivery usually faster than stated. The sandwiches are always delicious- I usually have special requests (no cheese, toasted or not toasted, etc) and everything is always spot on.


2 reviews
When my order was misdelivered to another apartment, a quick call was all it took to have a replacement order quickly redelivered to my address. Thanks!


Top Reviewer
Absolutely incredible!! I pulled out my back and didnt have any pain killers, I ordered Aleve and it was here within 20 minutes! LIFE SAVER!


2 reviews
The best for late night munchies and beer.

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Hansol Farm Deli and Grocery Reviews on Seamless


Top Reviewer
Food here was very good! Ordered breakfast, egg sandwich and an egg platter. Customer service was also fantastic. Delivery was between 30-45 min and at the 30 minute mark I received a call from them apologizing saying they were a little behind. Order was only 10 min late. Was very nice to have them proactively call though.


Top Reviewer
Five stars mostly because I called to tell them the milk was sour (it still said it had a few days left but it was rank once opened) and the guy immediately sent a new half-gallon of milk! It was there in less than 20 minutes after I called. So nice.


Top Reviewer
I like their service. I order from them almost daily and don't recall ever having an issue. I love how they pay careful attention to read my notes/special requests. This place is great!!


Top Reviewer
Great sandwiches, if you customize the sandwich and put in the notes exactly what you want you will revived it that way. Delivery is timely. Recommend if you want a good deli sandwich.


Top Reviewer
Came quicker than expected, friendly delivery guy, and the food was great! I've had some weird sub-par chicken caesar wraps from two other places nearby. This one does it right.

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